Histology Tech CheckList

Instructions: This checklist is meant to serve as a general guideline for our client facilities as to the level of your skills within your nursing specialty. Please use the scale below to describe your experience/expertise in each area listed below.

Proficiency Scale:

1 = No Experience

2 = Need Training

3 = Able to perform with supervision

4 = Able to perform independently

HISTOLOGY Rating Stars (Click) 1 2 3 4  
Concept of Fixation 
Assist with Frozen Sectioning 
QC Req and Documentation 
Collection of Tissue Specimen 
Bone Marrow Biopsy & Slides 
Filing of Slides & Blocks 
Tissue Embedding (inc small Bxs) 
Running of Tissue Processor 
Microtome & Disposable Blades 
Principle of Hematoxylin & Eosin Stain 
Decalcify Bone & Hand Tissue 
Grossing Small Specimen 
SPECIAL STAIN TECHNIQUES Rating Stars (Click) 1 2 3 4  
Group I 
Group II 
Group III 
Group IV 
Group V 
HISTOLOGY Rating Stars (Click) 1 2 3 4  
Storage Time of Wet Tissues* 
Disposal of Wet Tissues 
Universal Histology Precautions 
Preparation of Stains/Reagents 
Proper Labeling of Reagents 
MOHS Sectioning 
GYN Prep & Staining 
Non-GYN Prep/Staining 
FNA Collections 
Electronic Documents