Administrative Registered Nurse CheckList

Instructions: This checklist is meant to serve as a general guideline for our client facilities as to the level of your skills within your nursing specialty. Please use the scale below to describe your experience/expertise in each area listed below.

Proficiency Scale:

1 = No Experience

2 = Need Training

3 = Able to perform with supervision

4 = Able to perform independently

Administrative Duties Rating Stars (Click) 1 2 3 4  
Data Entry 
Medical Records - Entry 
Medical Records - Maintenance 
Electronic Medical Records - Entry 
Electronic Medical Records - Maintenance 
Gathers data and runs reports 
Patient Files - Set up, report and record 
Completion and filing/distribution of reports 
Schedules appointments/tests 
Takes, distributes and prioritizes messages 
Assists physicians with procedures 
Assists nursing staff 
Prepares patients for appointments and exams 
Gathers patient history and VS 
Gives injections as directed 
Performs phlebotomy skills 
Collects lab. Specimens 
Administer EKGs 
Completes specimen testing, i.e. glucose, strep, mono, flu 
Prepares and maintains supplies and equipment 
Knows utilization of patient care equipment/instruments 
Develops patient, physician and peer relationships 
Maintains/protects patient confidentiality 
Adheres to facility policies and procedures 
Adheres to OSHA, HIPPA, legal and ethical guidelines 
Adheres to quality protocol and standards 
Attends and participates in required meetings 
Schedules appointments, tests and treatments 
Responds to emergencies in a calm organized manner 
Understands/follows the reporting process acording to the chain of command  
Computer Skills Rating Stars (Click) 1 2 3 4  
Medic, Medic Soft 
Medical Manager 
Word, Word Perfect 
AGE SPECIFIC COMPETENCIES Rating Stars (Click) 1 2 3 4  
Newborn (birth to 30 days) 
Infant (31 days to 1 year) 
Toddler (ages 2-3 years) 
Preschooler (ages 4-5 years) 
Childhood (ages 6-12 years) 
Adolescents (ages 13-21 years) 
Young Adults (ages 22-39 years) 
Adults (ages 40-64 years) 
Older Adults (ages 65 -79 years) 
Elderly (ages 80+ years)